Paul Pardue

UX Manager Designer & Developer

Scroll down for my portfolio or scroll to the side to view the infiniteness of the solar system.

Here, 1 pixel equals the diameter of the moon in kilometers (3,474.8km) and you can scroll the entire solar system sideways. Can you make it as far as voyager has?

0km from sun
Paul is a well rounded full stack designer & developer. He is a rare talent who combines a deep understanding of product design with the ability to code and implement his designs. This makes him an invaluable asset to any team, as he has the ability to take a product from conception to launch entirely on their own. He is also a team player and a great communicator. I would highly recommend him.

- M. Kim

Illustration & Packaging Case Studies

Illustration & Production Packaging Design

Product wrapper design refresh exploration using color to denote variations.

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Pacific North Westerner now enjoying warmer waters.
Background in graphic design, web design, web development.

Lead designer and developer with a background in graphic design and a focus on scalable modern design ideology and frameworks promoting reusability and unification. Experienced in all aspects of the creative & design pipeline from wireframe conception through to production development and release.




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